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Assigning User Groups to Gateway Logins

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

As with users, gateway logins can be assigned to user groups. If a gateway login is assigned to a user group, any administrator of that user group can manage the gateway login.

However, gateway logins automatically inherit the user groups associated with any users mapped to those gateway logins. consequently, you only need to assign groups to gateway logins for users that do not have gateway logins assigned.

The rules for inheriting user group permissions include the following:

  • When a user is mapped to a gateway login, the gateway login automatically inherits the user's user group.
  • User groups inherited by a gateway login change if the parent is changed. For example, when a user's user group changes, the inherited user group for the user's gateway login also changes.
  • A Direct Trader gateway login is automatically assigned any user group of a TTORD to which it is mapped.

For example, if an account (123) is assigned to a gateway login (TTORDTT001001), and the gateway login is mapped to a user (JDOE) who belongs to a user group (XT Traders), the account 123 and gateway login TTORDTT001001 become part of the user group (XT Traders). A Group Administrator who can manage the XT Traders user group, can also manage the JDOE user, the 123 account and gateway login TTORDTT001001.

You can either assign Groups to a gateway login, or you can assign gateway logins to a group.

Assigning User Groups to a Gateway Login

  To assign a user group to a gateway login manually...

  1. From the User Admin menu, select Gateway Logins.
  2. Select a gateway login row and then click Edit.

    The Edit Gateway Login window appears with the Gateway Login Info tab selected.

  3. Click the Group Permissions tab.
  4. Use the transfer buttons (<, <<, >, >>) to move selected user groups from the Available User Groups list, to the Gateway Login permitted in the following User Groups list.

    The Gateway Login permitted in the following User Groups section contains the following fields:

    • User Group: Displays the name of the user group.
    • Users with Gateway Login: Displays users in the given user group to whom the gateway login is assigned.
    • TTORDs with Gateway Login: Displays TTORDs in the given user group that are mapped to this Direct Trader gateway login.
  5. To allow a group administrator to edit and directly assign this gateway login, check the Group Admins can assign this Gateway Login directly to users without using a TTORD option. If this option is unchecked, Group Administrators can only map the gateway login to a TTORD (to use it indirectly).

  6. Click Save.

Assigning Gateway Logins to a User Group

To manually assign a gateway login to a user group...

  1. From the User Admin menu, select User Groups.
  2. Select a user group row and then click Assign Gateway Logins.

    The Assign Gateway Logins to User Group window appears.

  3. Use the transfer buttons (<, <<, >, >>) to move selected user groups from the Available Gateway Logins list, to the Assigned Gateway Logins list.
  4. Click Save.