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TT User Setup Documentation

Adding User-Level Risk Checking

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can configure risk settings on a per-user basis in addition to the risk settings configured for individual gateway logins. This allows you to set overall credit and currency settings that apply to all the user's trades using any or all of the gateway logins. The gateway login's risk settings still apply, but the trader will have an additional overall credit restriction.

Note: User level risk checking requires X_TRADER 7.8 or later or FIX Adapter 7.6 or later.

  To add user-level checking to an existing user:

  1. Select (Users) from the TT User Setup Control Panel.
  2. From the Users window, click a user row and then click Edit.

    The Edit User window appears.

  3. Click the User Risk tab and check the Trading allowed option to allow the user to trade.

    Note: Trading allowed is unchecked by default for buy-side users in X_TRADER ASP, and checked by default for all other users. However, if you log in to TT User Setup as a TT Administrator, all options on the User Risk tab are disabled.

  4. In the Credit field, enter a monetary limit as needed.

    Note: The default setting is for unlimited credit. Enter 0 to reset the credit to unlimited.

  5. In the Currency field, enter the currency of the configured credit limit.
  6. If the user needs a different credit limit for TT SIM trading, check Override credit for TT SIM and enter the TT SIM credit limit into the TT SIM credit field. Enter 0 to reset the credit to unlimited.
  7. Check the Ignore P&L and/or Ignore Margin options as needed.
  8. To risk check this user using the P&L risk algorithm, check the Use P&L risk algorithm option. This also sets the P/L based on setting in X_TRADER to Risk Algorithm (and makes the P/L based on setting not editable). To use the Last Traded Price for risk checking, uncheck the Use P&L risk algorithm option (the P/L based on setting in X_TRADER remains editable).
  9. To configure how far from the market price a user may enter an order (in ticks), check the Prevent orders that are more than X ticks... checkbox and enter the number of ticks (from 1 to 100000). You can allow traders to sell above this range and buy below it by checking the Apply into the market only checkbox. Check the Apply to Parent Orders checkbox to apply the number of ticks setting to the price of each submitted synthetic parent order. If the parent order price exceeds the number of ticks from the market, the parent order is rejected and the child order is not submitted. For more information about pre-trade price controls, refer to Setting Pre-Trade Price Controls.
  10. To prevent more than a specific number of orders per second, check the Per TT Gateway, prevent more than X orders... checkbox and enter the number of orders per second. For more information about pre-trade order throughput controls, refer to Setting Order Throughput Controls.
  11. If you want to configure Gateway Logins or account permissions from the Users Window, click the Gateway Login risk or Account risk links. These links provide shortcuts to the Gateway Logins and Account Permissions windows, respectively.
  12. Click Save.