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TT User Setup Documentation

Auto Generating and Emailing a User’s Password

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Administrators that have been configured for outgoing email (refer to the Configuring the Outgoing Email Settings topic) can create an automatically-generated password and email it to the email address that is configured in the Email field in the Contact section of the Edit User window.

TT User Setup's audit trail records when an email address is changed, a password is generated, etc.

To auto generate an existing user's password...

  1. Select (Users) from the TT User Setup Control Panel.
  2. Select the user whose password you want to generate.
  3. Click the Contact Information tab, ensure the Email field contains a valid email address. TT User Setup sends the password to this email address.
  4. On the User Settings Login tab, click the Password button.

    The Password change window appears.

    Note: For enhanced security, you can disable the user's ability to enter a password.

  5. Click Auto Generate Password.
  6. When prompted to confirm that you would like to proceed, click Yes.

    TT User Setup sends the user an email message that includes that user's new password and username.

You have successfully auto generated a user's password.