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TTM Network Administration Documentation



TT utilizes link-to-link compression to minimize the quantity of bandwidth that TTM uses when sending data over the network. Compressing data before sending it over the network can save substantial amounts of bandwidth and speed up messaging transfer times.


TT uses the zlib library in its compression algorithm. For further details on this library and its copyrights, visit http://www.zlib.net/http://www.zlib.net/.

When TTM Compresses Data

You can configure TTM to compress all data sent via TCP/IP between:

  • TTM Router daemons (WAN Routers - refer to the TTM 4.2.x TTM Administration Manual)
  • Remote mode clients and their Host Daemon

To determine whether it compresses data, the TTM daemon reads its relevant configuration file:

  • TTM Daemon reads ttmd.cfg to determine whether it compresses data it sends to the remote application.
  • TTM Router Daemon reads ttmrd.cfg to determine whether it compresses data it sends to a peer Router Daemon (i.e., in WAN Routing environments).

Remote Mode Compression

By default, Remote Hosts and Remote Host Clients are configured to compress data. To disable compression refer to Compressing Data.