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TTM Network Administration Documentation

Running the TTM Daemon from the Command Line Interface


Normally, TT applications and TTChron manage the execution and scheduling of the TTM Daemon. However, should you need to run the TTM Daemon from the command line (or wish to customize its run time behaviors in ttchron.ini), you can use the following command options.



ttmd [[-i [-I num] [-f name]] | -r | -s |-k | [-d [-I num] [-f name] [-p port] [-c dir]] | -v| -h]


  • -i: Installs the TTM daemon as a Windows service
  • -r: Removes the TTM daemon from the Service Manager
  • -s: Starts the TTM service
  • -k: Stops the TTM service
  • -d: Runs TTM as a regular application, primarily for debugging purposes
  • -p: Sets the port number (port) through which TTM listens and communicates

    Valid values: 1025 - 65534

  • -I: Specifies an instance number for this daemon

    Valid values: 0-255

  • -f: Associates a name for this daemon instance. Valid values:

    Maximum 127 character string containing alpha-numeric characters and the following special characters: dash (-), dot (.), underscore (_), and space.

  • -c: Identifies the absolute pathname for the directory containing the ttmd.cfg file
  • -v: Displays the version of TTM
  • -h: Displays all command parameters listed above and their usage