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TTM Network Administration Documentation

Maintenance and Administration


Whenever a TT Gateway program encounters an error, it writes to an associated log file. All log files on the TT Gateway are stored in <root drive>:ttlogfiles. Many times, to troubleshoot an issue, you must forward these log files to the TT Help Desk.

Guardian helps you to administer your TT network by enabling you to use the Collect Log Files option (you can collect log files remotely). For more information on this procedure, refer to the Guardian Help or Guardian User Manual.


Guardian zips log files before transmitting them over the network. If the workstation has large log files or a large number of them, this zip file can grow quite large. Transmitting such a large zip file can increase bandwidth utilization during the transmission. With this in mind, TT recommends that you:

  • Do not collect log files and transmit them over the network during times of heavy trading.
  • Do not collect and transmit log files from a TT Gateway unless absolutely necessary.

Server Admin

You access the TT Server Admin program through the TT Server Admin icon on the Desktop. TT Server Admin performs the following functions:

  • Identifies all active connections on the TT network.
  • Note

    Large zip files can lead to increased bandwidth usage.

    Collects, zips, and retrieves remote log files.
  • Generates messages and sends them over the network to all trader workstations that are logged into a specified TT Gateway.