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TTM Network Administration Documentation



Wireshark® is a third-party network protocol analyzer that allows you to capture and browse traffic running on your network. For more information about Wireshark, refer to .

Installing and Configuring Wireshark

To install and configure Wireshark

  1. Download the Wireshark application from the Wireshark website ( http://www.wireshark.org/download.html).
  2. Install the Wireshark application. For installation instructions, refer to the Wireshark documentation. During the installation you should select the WinPcap installation option.
  3. Configure the Wireshark capture interface options for the VLAN you want to investigate (from the Capture menu, select Interface, and then click the Options button). A configured Capture Options screen will be similar to the following.
  4. Click Start to start capturing packets.

    Depending on the purpose of the capture, there may need to be some adjustments in the ring buffer size. Additionally, you may need to manually stop the Wireshark application so that the purpose of the capture is not overwritten.