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TTM Network Administration Documentation

Manually Configuring the TTM Daemon TCP Window Size


The TCP window is a configurable quantity of data (in KB) that this TTM instance can receive in a single receive buffer. After sending the configured amount of data, the TTM peer waits for an acknowledgement (ACK) from this TTM instance. If the TTM peer does not receive an ACK, it begins queuing the data.

For Remote Daemons

The tcp_window_size parameter is used for Remote Host Daemons. For Remote Host Daemons, refer to Manually Configuring TCP Window Size in the topics listed under TTM Remote Host Daemon and Remote Clients.

For Gateways

To configure the TCP window size for Gateways, use the tcp_window_size parameter in the Gateway’s hostinfo.cfg file (using the same formula from Manually Configuring TCP Window Size). The ttmd.cfgtcp_window_size parameter does not affect Gateways.