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TTM Network Administration Documentation

TTM Tools


You can use the following tools and utilities to edit configuration files and monitor, analyze, and verify TTM performance:

  • Guardian
  • TTM Ping and TTM Ping Daemon
  • TT Analyzer


You use Guardian to configure your network connections. Such configurations include:

  • TTM listening port
  • Multicast address
  • Default NIC (Network Interface Card)
  • Remote Proxy Connection setup

TTM Ping Client and TTM Ping Daemon

You can use TTM Ping Client and TTM Ping Daemon from the command line to test your connectivity:

  • TTM Ping sends ping messages via multicast and with a particular subject.
  • TTM Ping Daemon runs on the host to which TTM Ping sends its messages. TTM Ping Daemon receives these messages and replies to TTM Ping's inbox on the source machine.

For further details on using TTM Ping Client and TTM Ping Daemon, refer to TTM Utilities.

TT Analyzer

TT Analyzer monitors every packet sent over the network via multicast and displays the following fields:

  • Source IP address
  • Destination IP address
  • Packet size
  • Protocol
  • Data type
  • TT service
  • TT transaction code
  • Destination subject
  • Reply subject
  • Description

For further information on this application, refer to the TT Analyzer User Manual.