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TTM Network Administration Documentation

Remote Host Daemon Failover (Disaster Recovery)


To offer TTM Remote Host Daemon failover for Remote Clients, you must perform the following procedures in the order they appear:

  • Assign unique IP addresses to each Remote Host Daemon
  • Install Guardian on two or more Remote Host Daemon machines, each with the same type of Internet access
  • Assign medium loads to each box so that if failover occurs, the machine is not overwhelmed with additional trader connections
  • Run all Remote Host Daemons at the same time


Advantages to setting up your TTM Remote Host Daemons for failover include:

  • Failover is automatic and invisible to the user
  • You balance trading activity (load) between Remote Host Daemons
  • You use all available hardware (machines do not lie idle)

You must also consider network redundancy when configuring your network for failover. If you offer only one network path to multiple Remote Host Daemons, you run the risk of a network failure that could prevent Remote Clients from failing over between Remote Host Daemons.