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TTM Network Administration Documentation

Deployment and Distribution

TTM 7.0 Deployment

TT applications that are built on TTM 7.0 will include TTM 7.0. In addition, TTM 7.0 is available as a stand-alone package, but ONLY for installing or upgrading X_TRADER Remote Hosts. Upgrading to TTM 7.0 on applications that were not built on TTM 7.0 will not provide noticeable performance improvements. Use the TTM version packaged with your application.


When installing or upgrading an X_TRADER Remote Host, TTM 7.0 will auto-configure itself to optimize use of multiple cores.


In TTM 7.0 and later, the TTM log file is named ttmd_yyyy-mm-dd.log to follow the naming conventions used by other TT applications.

TTM 7.0 WAN Distribution

A TTM 7.0 local daemon can make proxy connections to a TTM 4.x Remote Host, and a TTM 4.x local daemon can make proxy connections to a TTM 7.0 Remote Host.


TTM 7.0 is compatible with TTM 4.X TT Wan Routers. An updated TTM Wan Router will be included in TTM 7.1.