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TTM Network Administration Documentation

Deprecated Features and Future Enhancements

Deprecated Features

The following features are deprecated in this release:

  • Linux is no longer supported. The updated TTM 7.0 provides all the scalability and performance benefits previously obtained through Linux.
  • Only a single instance of TTM may be installed on a host. TTM Remote Host fully utilizes multiple cores, and PGM off-loading is no longer needed.
  • TTM 7.0 no longer has a TCP throttle limit for local applications. In previous versions of TTM, the limit was set to 60 mbps per host for all applications. TTM 7 logs will continue to print the TDP/WLBK fields, but the values logged will be zero for all TTM 7 publishing applications.

Features Planned for Future Releases

TTM 7.1 will include a stand-alone package for the TTM 7.x WAN Router. The TTM 7.x WAN Router will not be able to connect to a TTM 4.x neighbor.