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TTM Network Administration Documentation

New Functionality


TTM 7.0 provides an updated TTM Daemon and Remote Host Daemon, which are operationally identical to previous TTM releases, but with increased performance and logging capabilities. TTM continues to manage queues and provide TTM subject resolution, and it uses the same application semantics/wire protocol as previous versions.

New Functionality

TTM 7.0 adds the following functionality:

  • The TTM Daemon and API are multi-threaded. This allows TTM to take advantage of multi-core hosts.
  • All Inter-Process Communication is via Shared Message Queues (SMQ), rather than TCP.
    • All TTM applications on the same host communicate using the Shared Message Queues rather that TCP sockets.
    • Shared Message Queues are destination points for messages, much like sockets; all TTM applications on a host use a single shared memory pool.
    • Outbound PGM messages are sent directly to the network, bypassing the daemon.
  • The TTM Daemon caches messages for PGM data recovery.
  • The TTM Remote Host automatically configures itself for optimal use of multiple cores. You can disable this functionality by disabling Remote Host Server Mode. For more information, refer to Enabling and Disabling Remote Host Server Mode.