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Alert Types

There are four types of alert notifications that can be triggered: displaying a pop-up message in X_RISK , sending an email message, display a color, or play a sound file. You can use one or more of these alert types in combination. For example you could just have a message popup, or have both a message and a sound.

  • Color

When an alert is triggered, the selected color will display in all of the following locations within X_RISK :

  • The Audit Trail Overview alerts display in the selected color.

  • The top of Alert pop-up message

  • The Alert Definition Section triggered time background.

When an alert is triggered, the selected sound will play. X_RISK has a standard set of sounds within the <rootdrive>:ttsounds directory.

When an alert is triggered, a pop-up message will display. Once an pop-up message has displayed, you can do one of the following:

  • Click OK to dismiss the alert.
  • Click Disable Alert to prevent the alert from showing again.

When an email alert is triggered an email containing the name and condition of the alert is sent to a list of recipient(s). Prior to using an email alert, you must enable and configure the email settings on the Alerts Tab within Properties.