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Audit Trail Overview

Use the Audit Trail window to track messages from X_RISK , the TT Gateways, and exchanges to which you are logged on. Audit Trail messages save to the directory: <root drive>:ttlogfilesAuditLog. The naming convention for the files is: YYYY-MM-DD_n.mdb. Where n represents the file number for the day.

The Audit Trail window displays the following information for the current day:

  • Order messages: Messages regarding fills, partial fills, add/change/delete orders, inquiries, and messages related to your Group ID.
  • Exchange Announcements: Announcements from an exchange regarding busted trades, and pre/post, opening/closing product activity.
  • Gateway Alerts: Information concerning the status of server/host processes.
  • Error messages: Notifications of an invalid action.
  • Alert Messages: Notifications each time an alert threshold is crossed.

To open the Audit Trail:

From the Control Panel, click the Window menu and choose Audit Trail.

- or -

From the Control Panel, click the button.

You successfully opened the Audit Trail.