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The Toolbar

You can access most X_RISK functions using the Toolbar.


Open Workspace: Displays a list of workspace names to open.

Save Workspace: Saves your current workspace under the workspace name that appears in the Control Panel title bar. If no name appears in the Control Panel title bar, you are prompted to enter a name.

Market Explorer: Lists products by exchange/marketplace. Open one or more functional windows with one or more products.

Orders and Fills Window: Manages your open orders and lists the current day's trades, including your P/L.

Position Window: Provides net position information by product and contract. P/L calculates using confirmed fills.

Audit Trail: Displays data sent to the exchange and the responses received from the exchange. Details order add, delete, change, inquiry, trader, and customer detail, as well as error messages and exchange announcements.

Alerts: The Alerts Manager window allows you to set alerts to trigger on many configurable values.

SODs/Manual Fills: The SODs/Manual Fills window allows you to both manage starting positions and manual fills for your traders.

Contract Session Price: Use the Contract Session Price window to update the Open, Close, and Settlement prices for a contract.