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Market Explorer Field Descriptions

The fields in the Market Explorer window include:



Offers a choice of filter criteria. You then enter a product name, description, or alias to search for.

Search Descriptions

Searches the alias and description fields for each product in addition to the product's name from the gateway. This lets you query based on the popular names of products in addition to their more cryptic gateway versions.


Lists all exchanges you are logged into. Each exchange has three servers: price, fill and order. The color indicator tells you the status of the servers.

  • Green indicates all servers for that exchange are up.
  • Yellow indicates, some servers for that exchange are up.
  • Red indicates all servers for that exchange are down.

Products Type Box

List of product types for the selected exchange.

Products Box

List of all products for the selected exchange and Product Types after any filters have been applied.

Transfer Buttons (>, >>, <, <<)

Transfers selected items to and from the Products and Selected Instruments boxes.

Selected Instruments Box

Shows all products that have been transferred from the Products box.

Function Box

Displays functional windows to which you can open contracts.

Start button

Opens the selected function with contracts listed in the Selected Instruments box.

Advanced button

Displays contracts for Spread, Option and Strategy Product Types.