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Fills Pane Context Menu

Right-click the middle of the Orders and Fills Window to access the context menu.

The available menu options include:

  • Find Control Panel: Displays the Control Panel.
  • Add Manual Fill: Lets you manually enter a fill. Information displays in the Fills pane and updates your P/L.
  • Delete Manual Fill: Deletes fills you manually added.
  • Confirm Fill: Confirms a fill. Click a single fill or select multiple fills and choose this option. The Confirmed column displays the username of the person who confirms the fill.
  • View Fills By
  • All: Displays the default columns and layout.
  • Product: Displays fills grouped by product.

    Note: The Net Pos column background displays in blue when your position is long, red when short, or white when flat.

  • Price: Displays fills grouped by price.
  • Buy/Sell: Displays fills grouped by fill type (B/S).
  • Scrolling: Causes the window to jump to a new entry. Enabled by default.
  • Clear Filter: Removes the filter from the selected cell.
  • Clear All Filters: Displays all available data.
  • Copy: Places selected data on a clipboard for pasting into another program (e.g., Excel).
  • Paste: Pastes selected data from a clipboard to the selected cell.
  • Export All Rows: Collects all the data in a file whose name, type, and location you configure.
  • Export Selected Rows: Collects the data in highlighted rows into file whose name, type, and location you configure.
  • Hide Column(s): Hides the selected row(s) or column(s).
  • Show/Hide Columns: Lets you select which columns to show.