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Publishing Contract Session Prices

Use the Contract Session Price window to update Open, Close, and/or Settlement prices for a contract. You can access the Contract Session Price window from the X_RISK Control Panel by selecting the Contract Session Prices icon).

The functionality provided by the Contract Session Price window is useful in the event that…

  • A price is not received from the exchange,
  • An incorrect price is received from the exchange, or in some cases,
  • It is the first trading session for the product and there is no price from the previous trading session.

Select the contracts using Instrument Explorer, type the desired price in the applicable field and click the Publish button. This publishes the price across the trading network in real time to X_TRADER and other client applications connected to Gateways.

Warning: Administrators must have Contract Session Prices (CPS) access allowed enabled in TT User Setup to use this functionality.