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Position Window Field Descriptions

If you click on a row in the Position pane (top pane) of the Position window, the Orders and Fills pane (bottom pane) details the orders involved in creating that position. This is similar to using a filter in the Orders and Fills Window but lets you quickly move between different filter criteria.

The columns and color-coding in the bottom pane are the same as the top pane of the Orders and Fills Window. In addition, the Order Toolbar is available so you can take action on orders.


Position Pane

When you select a row in the Position pane, the Orders and Fills pane at the bottom of the screen shows the orders that make up the position.

Orders and Fills Pane

The Orders and Fills pane is comprised of both filled and working orders.

Working Order

Choosing a working order enables the Order toolbar.

Order Toolbar

The Order Toolbar is used to modify orders. Refer to Order Toolbar Field Descriptions.