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Position Window Overview

The Position window provides a customizable view of your positions, working orders, P&L, and Available Credit. The Position window consists of two panes separated by the Order Toolbar. The combination of these components lets you quickly view and act upon orders for the selected position:

  • Position Pane: The top pane shows your open position and P/L information.
  • Orders and Fills Pane: The bottom pane in the Position window is essentially the top pane in the Orders and Fills Window.

If you click on a row in the top pane of the Position window, the bottom pane details the orders involved in creating that position. The bottom pane of the Position window does not display parent synthetic orders or the columns only used for these orders. Parent synthetic orders are accessible only through the Orders and Fill window.

The plus/minus buttons on the left side of the window let you see trading activity per exchange and expand the exchange to see trading activity by product, and individual contract. You can alter this view using the Grouping option. Refer to Grouping and Sorting.

To open the Position window:

From the Control Panel, click the Window menu and choose Position Window.

- or -

From the Control Panel, click the icon.

You successfully opened the Position window.