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Fill Tab

The Fill tab sets properties for the Fill window and the Orders and Fills Window.

Average Price RoundingDescription

Nearest tick

Shows average price to nearest tick settings.

Decimal places (1-8)

Shows average price display in decimals.

Fills Pane ExportDescription

Upon X_RISK shutdown

Exports fill data to the folder of choice when you shutdown.

  • Your Fill window must be open when you shutdown for this to work.
  • A file is created, matching each open Fill window and their filters.

Daily at:

Lets you set a specific time of day for the export process to run daily.


Lets you set the intervals at which to export fills data. Enter a numeric value and select either Minutes or Seconds from the drop down menu.


Lets you set the start and end times to export fills data at the desired frequency. Configurable only if Frequency: is enabled. If the time range is less than the frequency rate (e.g., 90 minutes for a range of 7AM-8AM), you’ll be prompted to reset your frequency and range.