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General Tab

The General tab allows you to customize the product name and configure how energy quantities and implides display.


Default Name

Labels the contracts using the product name used by TT.

Alias Name

Uses the alias names from the Guardian product tables as the product name.


Determines how you view trading quantities when trading on the ICE exchange.

Contracts: Represents entire delivery amount.

Flow: Represents the amount to be delivered in each delivery period.


Calculate Implieds instead of Exchanged Implieds

Displays first level implied prices calculated by X_TRADER. When disabled, implied prices display as published by the exchanges.

This property affects all windows that displays prices.

Note: Some exchanges do not match implied prices they do not publish.

Global SettingsDescription

File Location

Configures the locations of the following files on your X_TRADER workstation:
  • Fill Exports