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Setting Alerts

Use the Alerts Manager window to set visual, audible, and email alerts based on a number of configurable values. You can access the Alerts Manager window from the X_RISK Control Panel by selecting (the Alerts Manager) icon.

Define the logic that determines when an alert is triggered based on Prices, Fills, Trading, Orders, Events, or Time, set the type of alert notification, the frequency, and activate the alert.

The Alert Managers window contains one tab when it is initially opened. Additional tabs can be added to organize alerts within a single workspace. The tabs can be renamed, cloned, and color-coded.

Alerts Manager Video

Building Alert Conditions

You can use the Conditions Builder area of the Alerts Manager window to define the logic that determines if an alert is triggered. Alerts are triggered if the alert condition is met and the alert is active. With Alerts Manager you can create complex alerts that trigger multiple conditions by using AND/OR operators.

Alert Condition Types

Alerts Manager provides six types of alert conditions: Prices, Fills, Trading, Orders, Events, and Time.

Alert Condition Description
Prices Alert based on specific market data (e.g., High, Low, Last Prc, etc.)
Fills Alert based on specific fill data (e.g., Joe's fills). Select a Broker in the second drop-down in a X_TRADER ASP environment as part of the Fills condition.
Trading Alert based on trading related criteria (e.g., Fills, Position, Working Orders, P/L. etc.)
Orders Alert based on criteria specific to working orders (e.g., Account Number, Username, Price, etc.)
Events Alert based on an action or event that occurs within the X_RISK Orders and Fills Window or Position Window Orders Pane, Gateway, or initiated by the exchange (e.g., an error, exchange announcement, etc.)
Time Alert based on date and/or time

Alert Notifications

X_RISK supports four types of alert notifications: color-code the window/row, play a sound file, display a popup message in X_RISK, or send an email message to risk administrators. One or more of these alerts can trigger when a threshold is surpassed. The alerts provided in X_RISK are described in the table below.


Color-codes the appropriate window/row as long as the alert is true
Plays a sound (.wav) file
Displays a popup message box in X_RISK containing the name of the alert and the condition which caused the alert

Sends an email message to the specified recipient(s); the message includes the name of the alert and the condition which triggered the alert

Note: Set the From Display Name (From) and Subject in the global properties Alerts tab.


Using the Frequency fields, you may specify when and how long to wait before triggering additional alerts using the options described in the table below.

Frequency Description
Once Alert notification triggers only once
Repeat every Alert notification repeats if the specified condition is met, regardless if reset became false when the repeat is due/time expires
Repeat w/ reset every Alert notification triggers again ONLY if the condition resets (i.e., becomes false) and is true when the repeat is due/time expires