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Viewing Historical Fills

X_RISK provides the ability to connect to the Historical Fill Server (HFS) and view historical fills to track past performance or reconcile trades by date. In a X_TRADER ASP environment, X_RISK 7.17 must connect to HFS 7.17.0 or higher in order to support the Company and Broker data in the HFS database.

Use the right-click context menu available in the Orders and Fills Window and Position Window to view historical fills in X_RISK.

To display historical fills:

  1. Select Historical Fills | Set Date Range from the right-click context menu. This displays the Date Range Selection dialog box.

  2. Set the desired date range and click OK to display historical fills for the selected range.

The Position Pane in the Position Window displays only historical fills for the static rows if the Static Position Rows option is enabled. Non-static rows are created based upon the historical fills returned as a result of the query. If there is no historical data which matches a static summary row, the summary row will still display but without any data beneath it. When you clear the historical query, i.e., change the window back to real-time mode, the static rows remain and any lower-level non-static rows populate with real-time data.