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Two-Factor Authentication

Administrators may enable two-factor authentication for a user login. If enabled, users receive a text message (SMS) or email containing an authentication code when attempting to login. In addition to password, users must provide this code when logging into X_TRADER®, X_RISK®, or TT User Setup.

Users must ensure that the administrator populates the correct SMS number or email address in TT User Setup prior to enabling two-factor authentication.

Warning: Users cannot login if they cannot access the SMS number or email account listed by the administrator in TT User Setup.

Once enabled, TT User Setup automatically emails the user’s authentication code when the user first attempts to login.

The first time a user attempts to login after two-factor authentication is enabled, TT User Setup automatically sends an authentication code to the user’s SMS number or email address. The user must populate this value into the login dialog to continue. The user may request a new code by pressing the resend button.