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X_RISK® Documentation

Introduction to X_RISK

X_RISK® offers comprehensive risk monitoring and trade management tools that are based on the X_TRADER code base providing a consistent user experience.

Trader Monitoring

Several windows allow risk managers to get an accurate view of the risk exposure for each trader and trading group:

  • View real-time positions and P/L by account, trader, or many other sets of parameters. Advanced filtering and sorting capabilities enable you to focus on specific positions.
  • View working orders and fills for all traders.
  • View current and historical fills for all traders and contracts.
  • Set visual, audible, and email alerts on many configurable values.

Position Management

X_RISK provides several windows allowing risk managers to quickly manage each trader's position:

  • Select products and instruments using Market Explorer. Populate other windows using drag-and-drop.
  • View and manage traders' starting positions and manual fills.
  • Publish Contract Session Prices (e.g., Settlement, Close, and Opening Prices ) for any contract.
  • Send an instant message to a trader or groups of traders.
  • Delete stale orders.

Pre-execution risk parameters are set outside of X_RISK using TT User Setup.