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List of Technical Studies

X_STUDY provides many technical studies. The following table lists just some of the available technical studies provided in X_STUDY.

For a complete list of available technical indicators see List of Technical Indicators.


Moving Averages

TrendOscillatorsBands / VolatilityVolume


Accumulation/ Distribution

Commodity Channel Index

Average True Range

Cumulative Bid


Average Directional Movement


Bollinger Band

Cumulative Ask


Directional Movement Indicator

Percentile Price Oscillator

Bollinger Band Width

Cumulative Bid/Ask


Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Rate of Change


Volume Delta


On Balance Volume

Relative Strength Index

Keltner Channel

Volume on the Bid and Ask

Volume Weighted Average Price

Parabolic SAR


Price Channel

Cumulative Vol Delta (TT CVD®)

Double Exponential Moving Average

Price Volume Trend

Williams % R

Acceleration Bands

Volume at Price


To add a technical indicator,

  1. Right-click the chart and select Technical Indicators... from the context menu. This displays the Technical Indicators dialog box with a list of available indicators.
  2. Select the technical indicator that you would like to use and click the Add button. This displays the technical indicator in the Applied to Chart section of the dialog box.
  3. Modify indicator parameters using the fields displayed in the Technical Indicator Properties section found on the right-side of the dialog box. (Optional) For example, select the Color property to change the color of the technical indicator.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each technical indicator that you would like to add to the chart.

    Tip: You can also add a technical indicator using the command line. To do this, type a period (.) in the command line and a list of available technical indicators displays. From the list click to apply the technical indicator to the chart.

X_STUDY provides the ability to customize the parameters and colors of each technical indicator.

To change a technical indicator’s properties,

  1. Right-click the indicator.
  2. Select the indicator’s Properties at the bottom of the context menu.

TIP: You may also right-click the chart and select Technical Indicators... and select the desired indicator in the Applied to Chart section of the Technical Indicators dialog box.