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Time Axis Context Menu

Right-click the horizontal time axis to access the time axis context menu.

The following options are available:

  • Reset: Returns the time axis to its original view.
  • Exchange Sessions: Bases the time axis on default times established by the exchange and covers all hours the instrument is open for trading.

    Example: ES begins trading on the half hour, from 15:30-15:15. So a 60 minute ES chart displays times as 15:30, 16:30...etc.

  • Primary Sessions: Bases the time axis on the product's most active and liquid times. Primary is pre-determined and gives you a quick way to screen out the thinly traded overnight markets.

    Example: The primary trading time for ES is 8:30-15:15 which corresponds to the NYSE market and pit contacts. Likewise, trading time for NQ and ER2 is 8:30-15:15. For ZN, ZX, and ZB it is 7:20-14:00.

  • Custom Sessions: Lets you choose from a list of sessions you create.
  • Edit Custom Sessions: Lets you create a custom session.
  • Force To Half Hour: In version 7.8.2 and higher, sets whether TPO letters roll on the half hour or based on the session start time. For example, if the ZN contract opens at 7:20 on a primary session.
    • Enabled: TPO letters will begin on the half hour (e.g., 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, etc).
    • Disabled: TPO letters will begin on the session start time and roll to new TPO once the interval time is reached. (e.g., 7:20, 7:50, 8:20, etc).

    Note: Currently, this setting will always default to enabled. Disabling this option will not persist when the workspace is saved.

  • Time Axis Properties: Lets you change the appearance of the time axis.