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Trendline Context Menu

Right-click the drawn trend line on the graph to access the trendline context menu.

The following options are available:

  • Add Parallel Line: Creates a movable replica of the line you clicked.
  • Display Current Value: Displays the price at which the current bar would intersect the trendline when checked.
  • Link to Excel: Copies the current value of the trendline for pasting in Excel.
  • Link to X_TRADER: Lets you copy data you can then paste into X_TRADER.
  • Extend to Right: Lengthens the trendline across the right side of the chart.
  • Extend to Left: Lengthens the trendline across the left side of the chart.
  • Segment: Removes the extensions from the trendline.
  • Remove: Removes the trendline from the chart.
  • TrendLine Properties: Displays the Properties dialog box where you can change the appearance of the trendline.