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Changing the Interval

When you initially launch a chart, the time roll-up is set to one minute. You may change the time or volume interval via the chart’s context menu or by typing an increment directly on the chart. X_STUDY charts support time intervals ranging from tick-by-tick up to 1440 minutes (the number of minutes in a day) and volume intervals ranging from 50 to 999,999.

To change the Interval from the Chart Area context menu,

  1. Right-click the chart to display the context menu.
  2. Select Change Interval and Time (or Volume). This displays a list of common increments.
  3. Select an increment. X_STUDY redraws the chart using the selected time increment.

To change the Interval via the keyboard,

  1. Bring the chart into focus.
  2. Type the increment directly on the chart.
    1. If changing the Time increment, type a time increment in minutes.
    2. If changing the Volume increment, type a volume increment followed by the letter V. This displays the interval in the lower-left corner of the chart.
  3. Press the Enter key. X_STUDY redraws the chart using the increment.