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Custom Session Editor Dialog Box

Click the Custom Session option on the Time axis context menu to control the hours you view when using X_STUDY to research a product. By default, the Time axis is set to Exchange Sessions which is the default times established by the exchange and covers all hours the instrument is open for trading. Alternatively, you can choose Primary Sessions, which is the product's most active and liquid times.

If neither of these options is right for you, you can create a custom session using the Custom Session Editor.


  1. Available Custom Sessions



    List of custom sessions available for use within X_STUDY.


    Adds a new custom session.


    Deletes the selected custom session.

  2. Adjust Session



    Adjust as Group

    When enabled the contract months will adjust in unison.

    Predefined Sessions

    Click to select predefined Exchange sessions. Use these as a template to create a custom session.

    Set the session time using the slide tabs. The purple bar indicates the Exchange session time. The red bar indicates the Primary session time.

    - Sets the Session Start Time

    - Sets the Session End Time

    Set the session time using the spinner buttons or type directly into the fields. The time adjusts accordingly on the chart above.

  3. Save Settings




    Saves the custom session, closes the Custom Session Editor dialog, and applies the session to the chart.


    Saves the custom session and closes the Custom Session Editor dialog.