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Chart Error Messages and Viewing the Current Chart Status

With X_STUDY 7.8.1 and higher, users may right-click the title bar to quickly view error messages related to a particular chart. In addition, X_STUDY now uses color-coded icons to inform the user on the current state of a particular chart’s status. This information aids in diagnosing chart issues.

The following states are available:

Chart Status Icons



A green icon indicates that both the historical and live data feeds are connected.

A yellow icon indicates that only the historical data feed is connect.

A yellow status is expected when either the particular market is closed or the contract has expired. However, this may indicate a connectivity issue with the live feed.

A red icon indicates the historical feed is not connected.

A green or yellow icon indicates a functional chart. If there are no historical records for a new contract that is selected in a functional chart, X_STUDY will revert back to the prior instrument. Also, X_STUDY will provide an error message in the title bar right-click context menu.