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Audit Trail Message Types

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Audit Trail messages break into the following categories:

Order Messages

Order messages include buy, sell, change, cancel/replace, delete, fills and partial fills.

The first line details the order information, including:

  • The time the order was sent from the workstation to the TT Gateway (Time Sent column)
  • An order status of Accept
  • An action of Add, Change, or Delete.

The second line displays sometime after the first one. This message confirms receipt from the exchange and includes: 

  • The time the confirmation was received by the workstation (Time Processed column)
  • A status of OK
  • The time the confirmation was sent by the exchange’s host machine (Exch Time column).

A status of OK and an action of Partial displays when an order partially fills. A status of OK and an action of Fill displays when an order fills. When you cancel and replace an order, the confirmation from the exchange host reflects a new order number.

Exchange Announcements

Exchange announcements display a status of Alert, Info, or Warning and reflect general information sent by the exchange host or the TT Gateway.

Gateway Alerts

Gateway alerts display information concerning the status of server/host processes.

Error Messages

Error messages display when the TT Gateway rejects a buy, sell, change, cancel/replace, or delete order.

  • The first line details the order information, including a status of ERR to indicate that the order was rejected and not sent to the exchange host.
  • The second line immediately follows the first and reflects a status of ERRS. A message (Msg column) explains the error.

Alert Messages

The Audit Trail displays a message each time an alert threshold is crossed. The alert displays in the color that is defined within the Alert Manager window. The syntax for the alert is as follows:

<Time>, <Status>, <Msg>, <Action>