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Audit Trail MiFID II

The MiFID II fields in Customer Defaults are sent to the exchange on order actions and displayed in the Audit Trail. When exporting all rows from the Audit Trail in X_TRADER or X_RISK, the MiFID II fields are also included. By default, the MiFID II columns are hidden in the Audit Trail.

Descriptions of the MiFID II fields in the Audit Trail are shown in the following table. 
Column Description


The D.E.A. (Direct Electronic Access) column shows whether or not the order is sent from direct/sponsored access or from another source. Valid values:

  • None
  • True
  • False
Trading Capacity

Indication of a user dealing on own account, trading in a matched principal trading capacity, or trading in any other trading capacity. Valid values: 

  • DEAL
  • AOTC

Liquidity Provision

Indication of market making. Valid values: 

  • None
  • True
  • False


The C.D.I. (Commodity Derivative Indicator) column shows whether or not the order is for hedging purposes to reduce risk. Valid values: 

  • None
  • True
  • False
Investment Decision

Indication of who made the trading decision. Displays a registered ID/Short Code.

Execution Decision

Indication of who or what algo submitted the order. Displays a registered ID/Short Code.


Identification of the customer (LEI/Short Code). 


Displays free-form text or non-standard exchange fields; e.g., Tag 9707-MIFIDID on ICE.


Displays free-form text or non-standard exchange fields.


Displays free-form text or non-standard exchange fields.