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Storing Files

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Audit Trail log file generates at midnight or the first time you open X_TRADER for the day. The file holds a finite amount of data before generating a new one. The size of these database files are configurable from 10MB - 200MB with a default of 50MB of data.

  • Access the Audit Trail log files here:  <root drive>:ttlogfilesAuditLog
  • The naming convention for the Audit Trail log files is: YYYY-MM-DD_n.mdb. Where n represents the file number for the day.

For example, a light trading day in October, followed by a heavy trading day might result in the following Audit Trail files:

  • AuditLog_2011-10-23_1.mdb
  • AuditLog_2011-10-23_2.mdb
  • AuditLog_2011-10-23_3.mdb
  • AuditLog_2011-10-22_1.mdb

With a maximum database file of 50MB, you can see at a glance your Audit Logs for October 23 exceed 100MB. Whereas, your Audit Log for October 22 was under 50MB.

Concise Audit Trail

Parsing the Audit Trail into smaller log files helps X_TRADER run efficiently. In addition, when you open your Audit Trail, only the data captured in the current Audit Trail log file displays.

This means, if you close the Audit Trail in the morning, and reopen it later in the day, the Audit Trail may appear smaller. However, data from earlier in the day is still viewable in previous Audit Trail log files.

Tip: If you leave the Audit Trail open all day, you can see the entire day's events.