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Algo Dashboard Column Descriptions

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Columns can be hidden and shown on the screen while you view the Algo Dashboard. Both the Algo Explorer Pane and the Algo Orders Pane contain columns.

Column Description


The number of orders an algo is currently working.

Note: If an OMA is applied to the child of an algo, the child of the OMA is not counted towards the algo number of orders.

Account / Account Number

For parent orders this displays the default Account Number of the Username logged into the Algo SE server. For child orders this displays the Account Number associated with the algo order submitted to the exchange.

Algo Instance

Name of the running instance of the algo.

Note: The instance name may be different from the name of the algo.

Algo Instance ID

Displays the ID associated with all orders and fills generated by the algo.

Note: This key is the algo parent order’s TT Order Key, a unique key that does not change during the life of the algo parent order.

Algo Name

Name of the algo on the Algo SE.


Displays the date of the last action on the algo formatted as DDMMMYY.

Deployed By

Displays the Username of the person who deployed the algo on the Algo SE server.


Short description of the algo that was defined within ADL®.


Launches an MD Trader window, seeded for the contract that is part of the algo. If the algo is working multiple contracts, then multiple MD Trader windows launch.


The current net position of the algo instance. This field is blank if the algo is trading multiple contracts.

Net Spread Pos

Displays the net position for an exchange-defined spread contract and does not include positions in the underlying leg contracts.


Your Profit and Loss.


Indicates whether the source code is saved on the Algo SE server in an encrypted format.


Price of the current working order. The field is blank if the algo is trading multiple contracts.

SE Server

The name of the synthetic server hosting the algo.

Example: AlgoSE-B


Indicates whether other users sharing an Order Book can launch the algo.

Shared With

Indicates whether other users sharing an Order Book can launch the algo.


The status of the algo order (e.g., Running, Paused).

Review Algo Order Management for a list of stages an algo order can be in.


Displays the time of the last algo action formatted as HH:MM:SS.mmm.


Indicates the type of algo; Order Management Algorithm (OMA) or Order Ticket Algorithm (OTA).

Username (or User ID)

Displays the Username logged into the Algo SE server who last touched the algo.

User Tag

Displays user-defined text.


Export values assigned within ADL.

Note: These columns can be renamed by right-clicking the column header and selecting Rename Column from the context menu.