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Algos Dialog Box

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Algos dialog box displays when deploying or updating an algo from the Algo Explorer pane. The dialog allows you to manage and move algo files for use within the Algo Explorer pane.

Algos dialog box



Add or remove algo(s) from the Algos column.

Launch the selected algo in ADL® (Algo Design Lab).

The server the algo(s) will reside on.

Defines if the algo will remain on the server upon server restarts. Enabling the Persist option saves both the compiled algo and source code to disk. When the Algo SE server is restarted, persisted algos are reloaded into memory allowing you to run your algos without re-deployment.

Note: If both Persist and Share are enabled the algo file will be accessible by traders within your order book. If you want to prevent other traders from having access to this file you can password protect it.

Defines if the algo is visible to other traders within your firm (X_TRADER ASP), user group, or shared order book. For more details about sharing algos with users, refer to Sharing Algos in the Algo Explorer Pane.

Options include:

  • Don’t Share/Share with Selected/Share with All: Defines if the deployed algo is visible to other traders as defined in TT User Setup.

    Note: This option is disabled if you do not have the credentials in TT User Setup to share algos.

  • Modify Sharing: Changes the list of shared users.

Defines if the algo file persisting on the Algo SE server is password protected. If you select this option a password is required in the text box below.You can enter up to 12 ASCII characters.

Click to deploy or update the selected algo file(s).