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Introduction to the Algo Dashboard

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Once you have created your algos in ADL, you can use the Algo Dashboard to manage, edit, and launch your library of algos. You can access the Algo Dashboard from the X_TRADER Control Panel by selecting the button.

The Algo Dashboard window is divided into three separate panes. Located on the left side is the Algo Explorer pane where you can search for and select private or shared algos. When selected, the algo variables display in the center Algo Variable pane where you can edit and start the algo. Any changes made to variables can be saved as a template for future use. Once an algo has been started, you can monitor and manage its progress in the Algo Orders pane.

The following are required to use algo order functionality in X_TRADER:

  • X_TRADER Pro 7.11.X (or higher).
  • Connection to Algo SE 7.2.X (or higher).
  • Algo order creation and/or management credentials in TT User Setup.

Note: The Algo SE server supports connectivity to all TT Gateways 7.13 or higher with some exceptions. See the TT Algo Strategy Engine System Administration Manual for exchange connectivity specifics.

Warning! TT strongly recommends that you test algos in TT SIM before running them in the production environment. Refer to Running X_TRADER in Simulation Mode for more information.

Review the following topics for more information about the Algo Dashboard window.