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Launching Algos in the Algo Variable Pane

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Algo Variable pane allows you to modify algo variables, create templates, and launch deployed algos that you have selected in the Algo Explorer pane. The Algo Variables pane displays two types of algo variables: algo specific and common variables.


Algo Variable Type


Algo Specific

Added with ADL at design time and can include such things as order quantity or instrument.

Order routing credentials can be specified for each Instrument Block.


Algo Instance: Allows you to change the algo instance name

Client Disconnect Action: Defines how to handle the working algo if connection to the Algo SE sever is lost


Algo Dashboard

To start algos from the Algo Variable pane...

  1. Select the desired algo (or algo template) in the Algo Explorer pane. This displays the algo variables in the Algo Variable pane.

  2. Edit the variables as needed.

    Tip: Rather than typing a static variable, you may paste link a variable from Excel.

  3. Click Start to launch the algo. Upon successful submission to the Algo SE server, the Algos Orders pane displays the algo order in the Running state.

Warning: Users with whom you share an order book may not have the same product permissions. Attempts to launch an algo containing an instrument for which they are not permissioned will be rejected and display a reject message in the Audit Trail.

Once the algo instance is started, the Algo Dashboard displays the algo in the Algo Orders pane.


Algo Orders Pane

The table shown below describes the default columns displayed in the Algo Orders pane.




SE Server

Displays the name of the server hosting the algo pane

Algo Instance

Displays the name of the running algo instance

Note: The instance name may be different from the name of the algo.

TT StatusDisplays the state of the algo (e.g., Running, Paused)
Net PosDisplays the current net position of the algo instance; this is blank if the algo is trading multiple instruments
# Orders

Displays the number of orders the algo is working

Note: If an Order Management Algo (or OMA) is applied to the child of an algo, the child of the OMA is not counted towards the algo number of orders.

P/LDisplays the P/L of the algo instance
Launches MD Trader(s) seeded with each instrument that is part of the algo
UsernameDisplays the Username logged in to the Algo SE server who last touched the algo
TimeDisplays the time of the last algo action formatted in HH:MM:SS.mmm


Like other trading windows in X_TRADER, you may display additional columns in the Algo Orders pane by selecting Show/Hide Columns from the right-click context menu. The table shown below describes some of these optional columns.




Account Number

Displays the Account Number of the Username logged into the Algo SE server; this is the account number associated with the parent order

Algo Instance ID

Displays the ID associated with all orders and fills generated by the algo

Note: This key is the algo parent order's TT Order Key, a unique key that does not change during the life of the algo parent order.

Algo NameDisplays the name of the algo on the Algo SE server
DateDisplays the date of the last action on the algo formatted in DDMMMYY

Displays user-defined text created at algo design time in ADL

Net Spread PosDisplays the net position for an exchange-defined spread contract and does not include positions in the underlying leg contracts
PriceDisplays the price of the current working order; this is blank if the algo is trading multiple instruments or multiple orders
User TagDisplays user-defined text
A, B, C, D, and EDisplay ADL export values in real-time