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Updating Algos in the Algo Explorer Pane

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Update functionality, available from the Algo Explorer right-click context menu or the Update button, allows you to…

  • Load a changed algo to the server
  • Enable/Disable the Persist option
  • Share your algo with other users in your trading environment
  • Enable/Disable a Password

Warning:Update re-deploys the algo and erases all templates related to the updated algo. This includes private algo templates created by users with whom you share an order book.

To share update an algo on the Algo SE server...

  1. Select the desired algo in the My Algos section of the Algo Explorer pane.

  2. Click the Update button at the bottom of the Algo Explorer pane.

    Tip: You may also right-click the algo and select Update... from the context menu.

  3. Click to change the following options as needed:
    • Persist: Defines if the algo will remain on the server upon server restarts.
    • Don’t Share/Share with Selected/Share with All: Defines if the deployed algo is visible to other traders.

    • Modify Sharing: Changes the list of shared users.
    • Password: Defines if the algo is password protected. If you select this option a password is required in the text box below.You can enter up to 12 ASCII characters.

      Note: If you previously assigned a password to the algo, you will need to type the password before the Update button is enabled.

  4. Click the Update button to update the algo on the Algo SE sever.


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