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The Toolbar

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can access most X_TRADER functions using the Toolbar.



Open Workspace: Displays a list of workspace names to open.

Save Workspace: Saves your current workspace under the workspace name that appears in the Control Panel title bar. If no name appears in the Control Panel title bar, you are prompted to enter a name.

Market Explorer: Lists products by exchange/marketplace. Open one or more functional windows with one or more products.

Market Grid: Opens a blank Market Grid with the Order Entry pane on top. Used for watching the market and placing orders.

MD Trader: Displays the market depth for a given product and allows you to buy or sell products with one click.

Spread Matrix: Opens the Spread Matrix window.

Quote Board: Displays the open, high, low, last, net change, trader position and P/L for several markets at once.

Create Strategy: Creates multiple-legged spreads, strips, packs, and bundles.

Order Book: Manages your open orders. Monitor, change, or delete orders, or perform a status inquiry about any open order.

Fill Window: Provides detailed information about the current day’s trades.

Orders and Fills Window: Manages your open orders and lists the current day's trades, including your P/L.

Position Window: Provides net position information by product and contract. P/L calculates using confirmed fills.

Parent Order Book: Manages your Algo, Autospreader, Staged, and Synthetic parent orders.

Audit Trail: Displays data sent to the exchange and the responses received from the exchange. Details order add, delete, change, inquiry, trader, and customer detail, as well as error messages and exchange announcements.

Autospreader: Sets up two sided spreads that trade automatically in a three-pane window.

Note:  You need an X_TRADER Pro license to use Autospreader.

Hedge Manger: Lists working hedge orders and lets you create rules that will automatically take action on your open Autospreader position.

Autotrader: Creates and maintains a two-sided market for selected sets of contracts, allowing automatic bids and offers.

Note:  You need an X_TRADER Pro license to use Autotrader.

Algo Dashboard: Opens Algo Dashboard where you can manage algorithms created in ADL® (Algo Design Lab).

ADL: Opens ADL® (Algo Design Lab) where you can create algorithms and automated strategies.

Time and Sales: Provides the ability to track, record, and save time and information for products traded through X_TRADER.

Alert Manager: The Alert Manager window allows you to set alerts to trigger on many configurable values.

X_STUDY: Opens a blank chart.

Note if this is your first time opening X_STUDY you will need to do so from the Window menu.

Plug-Ins: Starts X_TRADER Plug-in applications.

Note: You must obtain proper licensing to use each individual Plug-in.