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Customer Defaults Dialog Box Field Descriptions

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You define a profile on the Customer Defaults dialog box to establish all of the most common order variables by customer name for each customer. You can add a new profile or change the profile of a current customer at any time. By changing the Customer Defaults profile, all subsequent orders for that customer are affected.

The fields in the Customer Defaults dialog box are defined as follows:




Sets the name of the profile, up to 32 characters in length and can include special characters (i.e.,!@#$^&*); alpha characters convert to uppercase.


Assigns the customer to this broker. When applying routing rules to an order, this customer will be available for the selected broker.

Note: This column is only available when running X_TRADER in multi-broker mode.


Enables the customer profile so it is available in . 


Sets tradable products or asterisk (*) for all; separate multiple products with commas (e.g., ES,NQ).

OrderGW Alias

Specifies the TT Gateway, Alias, and MGT, or an asterisk (*) for all. This field displays multiple connections to the same TT Gateway for one user.


Sets exchange or asterisk (*) for all.

Note: Enter an asterisk (*) in the Market column if using the CFE (Chicago Futures Exchange), MX, or FIX gateways.

Product Type

Sets product types or asterisk (*) for all.

Example: Future, Spread, Option.

On Behalf Of

Opens the OBO list where you can set the default user for OBO (On Behalf Of) orders. This list of TTORD's is provided by TTUS as part of the Customer Default download. See On Behalf Of Orders for additional information.

Note: This column is only visible when OBO is enabled from TTUS.

Account Number

Indicates the customer account number, up to 15 characters in length and can include special characters. Also it associates a trade with a specific customer and may be used by middle or back office as a sub-account.

This field might be required by the exchange (e.g., CME requires it).

uses the data specified in this column if no other risk management parameters exist. If you are set up with risk management parameters, uses the risk management account number and the relevant information from the Customer Default profile.

Acct Type

Indicates one of the following account types:

  • A1: First Agent Account (e.g., broker)
  • A2: Second Agent Account
  • A3-A9: Third-Nine Agent Account
  • G1: Pre-Designated Giveup Trade
  • G2: Designated Giveup Trade
  • G3: Second Giveup Trade
  • M1: First Market Maker Account
  • M2: Second Market Maker Account
  • M3: Third Market Maker Account
  • P1: First Principal Account (e.g., proprietary trader)
  • P2: Second Principal Account
  • P3: Third Principal Account
  • U1: Unallocated—for orders that have not been allocated to a customer

Give Up

Indicates the clearing member code. Used for Give-up trade accounts only.


Used for annotation purposes, up to 15 characters in length and can include special characters. Some exchanges require a value in this field (sub-account). The back office manager usually dictates the use of these free-form text fields.

User Tag

Used for customer reference throughout , up to 15 characters in length and can include special characters. This field is not passed to the exchange.

Order Template

Associates customer profile data with an order template.

Warning! Leave blank if you do not want a direct association between the customer and order template.