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Setting an Advanced Column Filter

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use advanced filters to further control the amount of data displayed in X_TRADER windows. The advanced filter allows you to search column records or create a new value within the search box.

To set an advanced column filter:

  1. Click the box immediately below any column heading.

    A list of all currently referenced variables for the selected column displays.

  2. Use the following to apply advanced filtering:

    Enter text in the Search text box at the top of the filter, the list filters on the text entered.

    Note: To clear the search, click .

    - or -

    Enter text in the New Value text box at the bottom of the filter and click Add.

    Note: To clear the value from the list, select it and click Clear.

  3. Select one or more of the variables to set the filter.
  4. Click OK to activate the filter.

    When you set a filter, the box below the column heading turns red and displays the filter you selected. If you selected multiple filter variables, a row of asterisks displays.