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Floating Depth Window

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Floating Depth Window is a popup window which appears in the Market Grid or Spread Matrix, letting you trade from a contract's depth quickly.

The Floating Depth Window: 

  • Provides three levels of merged aggregate depth for both bids and offers.
  • Supports both implied prices and synthetic orders.

To set up the Floating Depth Window:

  1. From the Control Panel, click the Settings menu and choose Properties.
  2. On the General tab, in the Floating Windows section, choose how you want to launch the Depth Window. Your options are:
    • Middle click: When you click the middle mouse button.
    • Keyboard: The Hotkey tab establishes launch button.
    • Mouse hover: When you hover the cursor over the product.

  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Market Grid or Spread Matrix window, right-click to access the context menu.
  5. Click to enable Floating > Depth.

A checkmark indicates Floating Depth is enabled.

Trading with the Floating Depth Window

  1. In the Market Grid or Spread Matrix window, put your cursor over a price or quantity field for a contract you want to trade.

    Note: These cells include: BidQty, BidPrc, AskPrc, AskQty, LastPrc, LastQty, ImpBidQty, ImpBidPrc, ImpAskPrc, ImpAskQty.

  2. Launch the Floating Depth Window according to the property you set in the Floating Windows section in the General tab of Global Properties.
  3. Click the row at the price you want to trade.

    Your Order Entry window seeds with the contract and price you clicked.


  • Click the quantity to seed the order entry with the quantity shown.
  • Click the price to seed the Order Pane with the price shown. Your quantity will be zero or, if defined, your default quantity.
  1. Adjust your quantity.
  2. Adjust your Time in Force options.
  3. Click Buy or Sell to trade.

Floating Depth Window Examples

The Floating Depth Window will not launch if:

  • There is no depth available.
  • You try to launch it from a non-tradable contract.


The Floating Depth Window consolidates price rows to display the three best available bids and offers.

FDW 3 best bids and offers

Blank lines only appear if there are less than three levels of depth available to trade.

Note: The Floating Depth Window is not compatible with BrokerTec.

FDW blank lines