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Floating Net Position Window

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can launch a Net Position window from the Net Position cell in MD Trader and the Market Window. The Floating Net Position window lists the positions in rows for individual accounts and usernames. By default, when you middle mouse click the Net Position cell, the Floating Net Position window displays.

When invoked from MD Trader, the Floating Net Position window displays the information based on the state of the various filters applied (e.g., username, account, or broker).

Viewing the Floating Net Position

The Floating Net Position is visible in MD Trader and the Market Grid. It displays net position by account and username when you hover over or click on the net position field for which you have orders.  

You set the Floating Net Position property in the General tab on the Properties menu. The Floating Net Position appears under the conditions you specify:

  • Middle click: When you click the middle mouse button.
  • Keyboard: The Hotkey tab establishes launch button.
  • Mouse hover: When you hover the cursor over the product.

Once enabled, view the Floating Net Position by hovering over or clicking the following fields:

When the Floating Net Position appears, it looks like this:

Floating Net Position

You cannot directly interact with the Floating Net Position. It is a snapshot of your net position for the product you click or hover over.


  • When you view your Floating Net Position in MD Trader, it adheres to any filters you have applied via the context menu.
  • When you view your Floating Net Position in the Market Window, it shows a row for each account with an open position.