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Floating Order Book Overview

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Floating Order Book is visible in MD Trader, Market Grid and the Order Book. It displays an interactive list of your working orders when you hover over or click on a product for which you have orders.

You set the Floating Order Book property in the General tab on the Properties menu. The Floating Order Book appears under the conditions you specify:

  • Middle click: When you click the middle mouse button.
  • Keyboard: The Hotkey tab establishes launch button.
  • Mouse hover: When you hover the cursor over the product.

You cannot choose which columns appear in the Floating Order Book. By default, orders sort in descending order in the Time Sent column, which displays the workstation time.


  • The Floating Order Book will not show parent synthetic orders unless the Floating Order Book is invoked from the parent order in the Order Book.
  • When the Floating Order Book is invoked from working order cells, or from any other window besides the Order Book, only the working child orders are shown.
  • If an order enters an unknown state, the entire order color is inverted and the Chg column is appended with a question mark (?). Refer to Recognizing Orders in an Unknown State.