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The Autospreader tab sets properties for Autospreader orders and the Hedge Manager window.


Prevent cross on mouse click

Prevents the spread order from crossing the market when entering orders in the Autospreader MD Trader. When enabled, the mouse cursor changes to a circle with a slash if positioned over a crossed market spread price.

Use Hot key for Freeze/Unfreeze

Allows you to define a hotkey for locking your quote order position in queue when Autospreader re-quotes due to changes in the hedge market.


Hedge ManagerDescription

Display new hedge order delay (ms)

Lets you select a time in milliseconds to display new rows so hedge orders that are filled before this interval has elapsed will not display in the Working Orders pane.

The default is 250 milliseconds (range from 0 to 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds)). A setting of zero means new hedge orders will immediately appear in the Working Orders pane regardless of how quickly they fill.

Display Filled and Deleted rows

Leaves hedge order rows in the Working Pane even after the hedge orders fill or are deleted.

Use the Clear All button at the top of the Working Orders pane to permanently remove all Filled or Deleted rows

Highlight price change

Gives the Price column a dark gray background to alert you of a price change to a hedge order.

Display price change (seconds): Sets a time threshold for the change to the Price column.