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You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Note: This tab is available on in X_TRADER 7.17.30 or higher.

The Legacy tab provide access to settings that existed in pre-7.17 versions of X_TRADER and were removed in X_TRADER 7.17.

Audit TrailDescription
Color code buy/sell

Lets you quickly differentiate among orders. Default colors are:

  • Text color for Buy orders is blue.
  • Text color for Sell orders is red.

Enabled by default.

Maximum Audit Trail file size (MB)

Sets the amount of data the Audit Trail log file holds before creating a new one. The file size are configurable from 10MB - 200MB with a default of 50MB of data

Number of days to save

Sets the number of days Audit Trail log files remain in a database. Files are located in: <root drive>:ttlogfilesAuditLog.

Note: If you use automated tools, like Autotrader or Autospreader, change the days kept to the minimum of three (3).

Operator Actions

Logs some actions you execute via mouse clicks or keyboard strokes.

ExampleDelete in the Order Book is always logged. MD Trader actions are never logged.

Show ALERT messages

Shows alert messages like FILL SERVER IS DOWN.

Enabled by default. When enabled, the default colors are black text on a yellow background.

You can customize your Alert-Warning colors on the Color tab.

Show ERROR messages

Shows error messages like ORDER HAS BEEN REJECTED.

Enabled by default. The default colors for are white text on black background.

Show fill records

Shows fill records. Enabled by default.

Allow Price Differential w/ Fractions

Sets whether to include Price Differential w/ Fractions in the Autospreader Instrument Configuration Based On field.

Color new entries

Sets a visible indicator when a new fill appears in the Fill window.

Save manual fills

Saves all manual fills to your hard drive.

When enabled, you are prompted to log into all exchanges where you have manual fills.

If disabled, you lose your manual fills when you log out.

Update time for new entries (seconds)

Sets how often the indicator bar updates and displays new orders.

MD DisplayDescription
Average price of position

Highlights the average open price long and short in the Price column.

Note: Rounds longs up and shorts down.

Color code empty price levels

Keeps bid and ask column colors even if they have not traded.

Gray out when order server is unavailable

Turns MD Trader gray when the order server is unavailable. Enabled by default.

Hide position on right click

Lets you hide your position with a right-click on the position field. Right-click again to show your position. Disabled by default.

Highlight midpoint of last recenter

Bolds dividing line between the best bid and best ask.

Recenter on price column left double click

Double-click the Price column to recenter the MD Trader grid.

Volume At Price mouse tooltips

Displays total volume at price as text when you hover the mouse over the particular cell in the Last Traded Quantity column.

MD TradingDescription
Button actions on mouse DOWN

Sets mouse button actions to immediately activate when the mouse is clicked (not released).

Delete all when LTQ column clickedLets you delete all your working orders by clicking in the Last Traded Quantity column.
Order EntryDescription
Set Confirm checkbox

Provides a confirmation step before submitting orders.

To use this property for a single order, disable it here. Then, click the Confirm checkbox in the pane. This box is located above the Buy and Sell button.

Set Hold checkbox

Sets Order Entry panes to open with the Hold option checked.

Color new entries

Sets a visible indicator when a new order appears in the Order window

Confirm on Cancel All

Enables a message box asking 'Cancel all orders?' when you choose to Cancel all in the Orders and Fills Window, via a hotkey, or the Del button in the Market Grid.

Display quantity buttons

Shows the pre-set quantity buttons next to the price and quantity input fields in the Order Modification pane.

Original Qty / Work Qty

When you highlight a row in the Order Book, the quantity field displays:

  • Original Quantity: Just the order's original quantity regardless of partial fills.
  • Work Quantity: The current working quantity of the order, taking partial fills into consideration.

Update time for new entries (seconds)

Update time for new orders (seconds): Sets how often the indicator bar updates and displays new orders.

Include manual fills

Adds or removes any manual fills you entered into the position totals and recalculates your P/L.

Quote BoardDescription
Show Exchange Name as part of contract name

Displays the exchange name in the title bar of each contract in the Quote Board.

Color Market depth by price level

Specifies whether to use color coding for price levels.

Color net change

Displays color coding of the Net Change column.

You can customize your net change colors on the Color tab.

Color net position

Displays color coding of Net Position column.

You can customize your position colors on the Color tab.

Color top of book

Displays the top of book price in a different size font and color. Used for the Market Grid and Spread Matrix.

You can customize your top of book colors on the Color tab.

Depth coloring all levels

Color codes the Market Depth by price level For All Levels or From 2nd Level on.

You can customize your market depth colors on the Color tab.

Highlight best price

Highlights the best price in the market.

Highlight border width

Set a border width using the arrows.

Highlight own orders

Highlights your own orders to easily identify them. Used for the Market Grid and Spread Matrix

Include implied in Market columns and in depth

Displays implied price and quantity data as calculated by the Exchange in the same columns as direct price and quantity data.

Implied data displays in the Market Grid, MD Trader, Autospreader, and Autotrader.

Maximum Depth levels

Indicates the maximum number of depth levels, between 3 and 20, displayed for Bids and Offers. This setting will not override the maximum depth each gateway displays.

Example: If you set this value to 8 but the exchange limits maximum depth to 5 bids and 5 offers, you will only see five levels.

Minimum highlighting mode

Highlights according to the following market characteristics:

  • When both the quantity and price change.When the Last Traded Price (LTP) is on the bid or ask. If the Last Traded Price was not on the bid or ask, the grid does not highlight.

Used for the Market Grid and Spread Matrix. Enabled by default.

Options display

Specifies how to display the strike pice for options.

  • Call+Put: Displays each strike on a single line of the Market Grid, with the calls on the left side and the puts on the right.
  • Call/Put: Displays each strike on two lines of the Market Grid, with the calls placed directly over the puts.

Price reasonability

Enables a price reasonability by the exchange.

A trade is rejected if it falls outside the range set by the exchange. Detailed information must be obtained from the exchange

Price rounding

Lets you choose your ¼ 32nd rounding options. It applies to all orders you enter except Autospreader and Autotrader orders, and Stop orders that always round away from the market.

  • None: Sends order at your selected price. If the price is not tradable, the exchange rejects the order.
  • Aggressively: Rounds ¼ tick prices towards the market.
  • Conservatively: Rounds ¼ tick prices away from the market.

Show Admin Alerts

Enables the Admin Alert Messages dialog box, which lets you receive messages from your risk manager or an administrator.