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MD Display

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the MD Display properties to customize the appearance of MD Trader.

Note: When accessed via the context menu, the Set as Global Default checkbox at the bottom of the tab applies these properties to all subsequently opened MD Trader windows.


Display Description


Displays a popup tip when you hover the cursor over select fields.


Displays the system clock.

Pointer with Order Type

Controls whether or not the cursor displays the bold, yellow custom pointer for the selected order type.

Highlight inside market

Highlights the best bid and best ask. Grays out when the order server is down. Disabled by default.

Gray out when order server is unavailable

Turns MD Trader gray when the order server is unavailable. Enabled by default.

Highlight mouse hover

Highlights the cell as your cursor rolls over it so you can identify where it is. You can customize the highlighting color in the MD Color tab.

Keep MD Trader on top

Displays MD Trader on top of other applications.

Small MD Trader

Shrinks window to maximize your desktop space. Disabled by default.

Hide Titlebar Buttons: Hides the zoom buttons that normally display in the titlebar. Enabled by default.

Hide titlebar buttons

Hides the zoom buttons in the titlebar so product names can be easily read.

Color code unavailable price levels

Uses custom colors to indicate in the MD Trader® price columns that a bid price or ask price is not available. Disabled by default. On the Colors tab in Properties, these colors are listed under MD Trader | Bid Side | Unavailable, and MD Trader | Ask Side | Unavailable.

Display: Implied Quantities Description

This property lets you choose how the quantity of the ¼ 32nd price displays when it is available.

Total Qty

Displays entire quantity at the correct tradable price, rounding bids down and offers up.

Implied Qty indicator (*)

Displays the entire quantity, rounding bids down and offers up, with an asterisk ( * ) next to the closest price. Enabled by default.

Implied Qty columns

Creates secondary bid and offer columns to display the quantity based on implieds. These columns display in the same color as Bid and Ask columns, but display the better quantity in a smaller font.

Columns Description

Bid text

Aligns the text in the Buy column to the right or left.

Ask text

Aligns the text in the Sell column to the right or left.

Volume at Price

Enables the view of traded contracts in the Last Traded Quantity column.

Volume at Price Notes:

  • MD Trader generates and displays approximate values. They are not guaranteed to be the exact trading volumes for any given trading period.
  • Incorrect or under-reported actual volume may occur due to price consolidations at the exchange or Gateway levels.

EPIQ Column

Displays the Estimated Position in Queue (EPIQ) columns to the left of the bid order column. (Refer to Viewing your Estimated Position in Queue)

Bid/Ask Indicators

Displays the Bid Indicator column and Ask Indicator column, used for pasting Excel links.

Number of orders

Displays the number of orders associated with each reported market depth quantity.

Columns Description

Mouse tooltips

Displays total volume at price as text when you hover the mouse over the particular cell in the Last Traded Quantity column.

Format Description
Working order digits

Sets the number of spaces between the letters and numbers in the working order quantity column.

Maximum number is 11.

Price column digits

Sets the number of digits displayed in the price column. Right side digits are truncated.

Maximum number is 11.

Set row height

Sets the height of each row in pixels.

Price Consolidation:

Prices per line

Sets the number of rows to condense when consolidating prices. Refer to Consolidating Prices

Note: You can also consolidate prices using the Price Consolidation slider. See the Slider Control property.

Slider (ticks)

Shows a slider control that consolidate prices by the number of ticks set in the Tick Increment property.